60 years of experience,
30 years of youth

60 years of experience,
30 years of youth

History and presence of Computer Science at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University. The publication is a commemorative print in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the founding of the School of Computer Science at MFF UK.


We are the School of Computer Science within the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University, and we are celebrating a special milestone this year – our 30th anniversary. As a commemoration, we would like to remind the evolution of computer science at the Faculty to students, colleagues, alumni, and the broader public. To remember this occasion, we have planned various festive activities: this publication for reading, a festive gathering for meeting, a concert and podcast featuring interviews for listening, and an exhibition for exploring.

The School of Computer Science, much like the entire Faculty, is composed of personalities. During this anniversary reflection, I find myself recalling my teachers, classmates, colleagues, and students. Each of these groups comprises outstanding individuals, and there is often a significant overlap between them.

For the celebration, we have chosen a timeline as our visual motif, even though our journey is far more complex than a linear representation can capture. The timeline serves as a reminder of how certain individuals have played essential roles in the School, as well as how crucial specific events have been. It is my hope that the timeline prompts readers to recall important figures and moments in their own personal timelines – even though many of these might not be covered in this text, they are undoubtedly worth cherishing.

Jiří Sgall

Vice-Dean for Computer Science

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We are diving into the narrative of the 30th anniversary of the School of Computer Science, a story that started back in the 1960s at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, driven by a handful of passionate individuals. The timeline spanning these sixty years is packed with events, leading us to ponder which ones should be revisited and spotlighted on the timeline for maximum impact. Our focus rests on the events that have been instrumental in making this year's celebration possible. These pivotal instances naturally encompass moments of appearance, disappearance, merging, splitting, renaming – alongside individuals entering, departing, and achieving awards. In particular, we are recounting the moments that predate 1993 through snippets from Jiří Demner's song lyrics, playfully capturing the origins of computer science at the Faculty. This description relies on the recollections of Jaroslav Pokorný.

Whenever possible, we mention the moments with precise time references, readily available in public sources. However, in a few instances precise dating is missing, prompting us to rely on participant memories expressed through reflections, personal records, or letters and mails – allowing for a broader specification. It is worth noting that these sources inherently bring a subjective dimension to the narratives, an aspect that historical retrospectives must take into account.


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