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Dynatrace is a software product company founded in 2005 in Linz, Austria and is now spread around the globe.

Believing that the world needs software to work perfectly in 2016 we reinvented our product from scratch and surprised the market with our Software Intelligence Platform for the enterprise cloud. This platform, which combines Application performance management, Cloud infrastructure monitoring, IT Operations powered by AI and Digital customer experience management, helps customers like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, H&M, Audi/VW, and Samsung to deliver perfect software.

We are a diverse, agile working and international collection of experts. We all share an unquenchable curiosity which drives us to go beyond the obvious solution and anticipate the future. If we face setbacks, we immediately start exploring the root cause behind them and find a different solution. But we not only work with each other, we respect each other, laugh with each other, and celebrate our successes with each other.


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